Its always good to take stock of all of the Hard Work that goes on behind the scenes to make this Community that bit better. Its all too easy to take this for granted and many of us are guilty of this.

This list is far from complete but THANK YOU to all of you that help out here in the Glen, in no particular order: Children’s Parties, Fireworks, Light up the Glen, Market on the Green, Woodland groups, work with checking AEDs (Defibrillators), different Committees, Gardening, the Action Plan, Community events, Playparks, all the groups and activities that go on (and there’s a lot), volunteers at lunches, the Hall, Litter Picks…. and I know we’ll have missed people off this short list.

Please take a moment and understand that your efforts make a huge difference. We’d miss all of these thing if they didn’t happen and our lives are a lot richer for your help, energy and time.

Lots will be going on in 2023 and there will be lots of opportunities to get involved with things big and small – we hope to see you soon.

Two Dates for the Diary 19th Feb Woodland’s update and 20th March GURCA Open Meeting.