Community Action Plan

We are thrilled to be able to share the findings of Glen Urquhart’s Community Action Plan.

Download the Plan

Click on the links below to download one of the 3 versions of the plan – the full version is around 100 pages long so there are two shorter versions you might find helpful.

Action Plan Outcomes

Glen Urquhart Community Action Plan a quick read (Summary)

Action Plan Full Version


This project is a collaboration between GURCA, Soirbheas and Glen Urquhart Community Council and helps us all to work together over the next 20 years to support this community.

Great Glen Distillery Will be doing tastings at the Launch Event.

The Process

In 2021, GURCA, Soirbheas and the Glen Urquhart Community Council came together to form a Steering Group with the intent of creating a Community Action Plan. This document forms the vision for the community over the next 20 years. It identifies projects, services and other initiatives that the Community would like to see implemented. It will help us all prioritise our resources and channel funding requests to what our community deems to be the most important.

Funding was awarded from the following organisations:

Local Energy Scotland£ 16,000
Soirbheas£ 5,000
Historic Environment Scotland£ 2,500
GURCA, Chamber of Commerce, GUCC£ 1,000

The steering group instructed Duncan Bryden (Bryden Associates) and Helen Smith (Rowan Tree Consulting) to produce the plan and met regularly to assist this process throughout 2022. Online surveys were completed via the Commonplace platform, paper copies of the survey were made available and a series of Outreach/Pop up events were held including at Community Meetings, Tattie Day and a stall at Market on the Green (all within Covid guidelines at the time)

GURCA, Soirbheas, the Community Council and the Loch Ness Hub will all be collaborating to implement these actions and help other groups to do so too.